Electron Microscope Requests

Y’all, it feels like the world is ending.

  • Tumblr is … dying?
  • I had/have a sinus infection (going on week 6 now) and my doctor did not joke around with the antibiotics. Please say a prayer for my microbiome, RIP
  • Texas got cold and all the trees are naked
  • Oh yeah I’m getting laid off. COOL.

That last one doesn’t really affect The Bugs/this blog in the scheme of things, except for one thing: the electron microscope. I haven’t used it too often for posts, but I’ll probably never have access to one again, and I did buy my own set of supplies so I wouldn’t be using company materials recklessly.

So! Anything you wanna see REAL CLOSE? Requirements: should be dry/dry-able, small (ish), something I could realistically find. Doesn’t have to be nature related!

My “official” last day is Feb 28, but I’m leaving earlier if I can!

December 5, 2018

@cassyblue I did some butterfly wings in this post [link], but I do have a pile of moths on my desk ready for their turn! (also a flea!!)

I’m so sorry you’re losing your job :(((

No worries, my company is a dumpster fire, but I was hoping to pay some debt down before jumping ship. If they want to get rid of the only chemical engineer on staff right before they finally decide to start doing validation work that only chemical engineers know how to do… well, that’s their problem, not mine. I’m happy to know I’ll soon be free (but stressed out about the whole needing an income thing).