Where To Find Me off Tumblr!


First off, I’m not leaving tumblr, they will have to scrape me off this site with a chisel. This is the only place I have ever been able to go on weird science rants and had people care?? Y’all, I’ve been bothering people with this stuff since like 1992. I taught myself HTML so I could make my own website in 1996 (RIP Geocities), I tried to run various blogs in the early 2000′s, and I gave up because if anybody saw my posts, they never said anything and I didn’t feel like I was making any kind of an impact. But I know I’m making an impact here because y’all are telling me that I am!!! 

So, as long as this hellsite is still operational, even if I have to manually go through all my posts every single week to make sure they’re not getting flagged, I will do it. My blog itself is not flagged for removal. The only thing that will bring it down is if tumblr itself collapses. If that happens, don’t worry, I am backing up my blog with a script every day. I’m going to try my hardest to get through all the asks in my inbox (SORRRRRY), but keep in mind the whole looming unemployment thing I’m dealing with. Oh boy life is exciting! OKAY, novel over.

Social Media, in order of how frequently I check them:

inaturalist.org/people/nanofishology<– my iNat profile page also includes links to my other social media outlets
NEW –> twitter.com/nanonaturalist

In the event tumblr ceases to exist, my blog will relocate to my website:

December 11, 2018

So I changed my twitter name to match my blog and I may or may not use it, but hey, there it is, up in my list!

December 16, 2018