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So, I’m the SEM expert at work. Basically, this is what I have been aspiring to my entire life—I had an “electron microscope” book when I was a kid and I thought it was the Coolest Thing Ever. Sometimes I want to have a little fun, to break the monotony of imaging our Super Secret Aerogels. A couple weeks ago I prepped samples from my face (I wanted to find face mites) but it turns out I don’t have face mites (super sad face). Well, today I needed to prep some samples and I thought it would be pretty cool to look at the stomata on my desk friend. I cut a small piece out with scissors, and in doing so released a bunch of weird corkscrews at the edges—anybody in plantblr know what these are?

EDIT: Fun fact, I forgot to mention. To prep the samples, we have to coat them with gold! That’s the second photo. Gold Plated Desk Plant !

MYSTERY SOLVED! The spirals are protoxylem!

I was wondering why I could never find this post, and it’s because I never reblogged it to here!! Originally from Dec 2016 (I think?) / Reblogged Dec 18, 2018