hey i think this is a really awesome concept so i want to share it with you all

its a challenge for birding within a 5 mile radius of your home! check out the links! 🙂

Oh this is a good idea. I will do this, although probably unintentionally because, uh… well… First there’s my yard list project (I think I just hit the 40 species mark as of yesterday but I am still MONTHS BEHIND GOING THROUGH PHOTOS UGHHHH). And then there’s also …

Here’s my 5 mile circle. That blue star is Hornsby Bend Bird Observatory [Link to eBird HotSpot page]. If you’re a Texas birder, you’ve probably heard of it. It’s… uh… one of the best places in Texas to go birding [link to HotSpot rankings for Texas]. Unless I somehow manage to find a well-paying job with health benefits, I’m probably not going to have the time to be spending every waking free moment birding, and I’m not going to see much improvement from this year on bird species seen around my house because I DO go birding mostly around my house (like, at Hornsby), but I have not seen anywhere near 343. My all-time count is 132 for this area.

I’m not a big eBird user (except during bird counts, like the CBC I did yesterday and oh WOW my ENTIRE BODY IS SORE and I SLEPT 16 HOURS STRAIGHT) but I’m trying to find a better way to manage my bird lists, and that’s kinda what eBird was MADE to do. So maybe I’ll carry on the spirit of the challenge (find under-loved hotspots, or good areas that aren’t even on the map), and find lotsa birds there.

December 30, 2018

Look out I’m doing it

duck duck duck duck duck duck duck duck

Ruddy Duck, a million Northern Shovelers, and a Bufflehead

So far only have 24 species but to be honest I haven’t been looking very hard. Shout out to the Barred and Great Horned Owls for hoot hooting for me!

Photos from Jan 1 / Posted January 2, 2019