marycapaldi: 🐛 The very buggy best is back, …


🐛 The very buggy best is back, only at! 🐛

The shop returns from holiday hiatus with new stock on my most in-demand items and plenty of fashionable bugs and critters ready to brighten your day! First up, more Tiny Bug Collectible Plush are here, including those mantises and beetles that vanished so quickly last time – don’t miss out on these!

Since my last update on Tumblr, I’ve also imported two kinds of adorable Beetle Coin Pouches from Japan for you as well! These soft and spacious friends will hang onto your small treasures for you.

The ever-popular Moon Meditations and Metallic Honeybee Bugdanas have been reprinted and include the brand new White Gold variant!

These and many more fabulous treats (brought to you by one independent artist) are waiting, only at! ✨

Hey guys I found out @marycapaldi and I are birthday twins (though I’m five years older), isn’t that wild?