bogleech: While I love seeing people sympathi…


While I love seeing people sympathize with insects, I’ve noticed an increasing trend in the insect groups of people who think killing their natural predators is a good thing to do. Come on! I don’t think these folks would advocate shooting a lion to protect a gazelle.

One particularly unfortunate example I keep seeing are people putting caterpillars “out of their misery” for being covered in parasitic wasp cocoons. It’s well meaning on paper, but what it really means is that a bunch of baby insects just died instead of only one, and those baby insects were a plant’s most important line of defense against the caterpillar.

Empathizing with living things is important, but you can’t play favorites or treat some as “bad guys” for fulfilling their whole purpose!

I need to dig through my photos to find the ichneumon wasp that emerged from a sphinx moth pupa I had. Absolutely gorgeous. I loved her. The pupa had become a different shape, and the inside is iridescent. She was perfect. Meeting her was so special because I had no idea who she would be. A true gift.

June 30, 2019