FYI: Life a Mess; Slow Response


Hi y’all,

Just want to let everybody know that I love you all, and I know my inbox is full of things going back to A YEAR AGO that people have submitted (sorrrrrry). I swear I’ll answer everything. 

I’m going through a really tough time right now, and I’m not always able to respond quickly because I don’t come on tumblr every day. So if I haven’t responded to your submission, it’s because I’m an unemployed mess, and I’m not ignoring you, and I’m SORRY 🙁 

BUT I do know that y’all have Insect Emergencies so if you need help, I do get notifications when I get asks, and I do respond to DMs when I’m on my computer (the notifications on the app are all screwed up again, thanks staff). Photos help a lot

June 17, 2019

(PS: seriously if anybody has connections and can help me get a job in Austin I’ll love you forever, my LinkedIn page is here [link], and yes, I’m wearing the shark pants in the profile photo [link].)

Reblob to bump this up above the WALL O’TEXT

Writing all that jazz about being a naturalist and seeing everybody’s response seriously uplifted me.

I also have a couple phone interviews coming up (job search tip: don’t waste your time filling out job applications, do a mail merge and blast out your resume and *what looks like a personalized email* to smallish companies you want to work for, even if they’re not hiring. I spent four months sending out over 130 resumes, got two phone screens. Last Tuesday, I sent 53 emails in an hour, and two phone screens?!). So maybe there is hope?!

I’ve procrastinated an actual writing assignment past my deadline (oops), but once I get that done, I might actually have steam to start powering through my inbox. Some GOOD BUGS and GOOD QUESTIONS I can’t wait to get to.

In the meantime, please continue to DM me for Insect Emergencies! (Examples: what does this caterpillar eat, is this caterpillar injured, is this bug dangerous, etc.)

June 30, 2019