nanonaturalist: Spittlebugs are fun to bother….


Spittlebugs are fun to bother. They’re like opening Christmas presents–you never know what you’ll find wrapped in the mass of slimy bubbles. I just tried two in my yard–they may or may not be the same species (I definitely do not know much about these kids). The first one was kinda shy, but the second did a cool butt dance.

March 31, 2017

Diamond-backed Spittlebug nymphs (yes, same species!). They produce the foam by essentially “farting” into their “pee,” which is more or less just the plant’s juices with a little bit of the sugar removed. The little butt-dance the last one is doing is the accordion-like movement that they use to blow the bubbles. 

Reposted July 14, 2019