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Leptopoma sp.


Friends in different Time Zones



Pics if it’s hard to see~

I found a super pretty and fuzzy spider today! ;v; Pretty big too, almost an inch?

I think it’s a Bold Jumping Spider (Phidippus audax)


i always thought "daddy long leg" referred to cellar spiders :0?

Ah, this is why common names are so tricky. In some places, it is common to refer to cellar spiders as “daddy long legs” also, because they superficially resemble opiliones

This is a cellar spider (sometimes called a daddy long legs):


And this is an opilione (aka daddy long legs or harvestman):


You can see the body segments are super different. The spider has two distinct segments with a “waist” separating them, while the opilione is just a little orb. They move quite differently as well; opiliones have a kind of wobbly gait and cellar spiders move like…well, spiders.

I’ve been told that some people even call crane flies “daddy long legs” because they have long, thin legs I guess? Common names are full of lies and deceit.


Female, yes, gravid? I think not, that is a very slim female Pseudocreobotra. A gravid one is more like a spiky balloon.


What a wonderful world!

This beautiful flower mantis was found in Nkutu Valley on Sunday. Experts said she looked like a pregnant female as you could see her broadening frilled edged belly beginning to extend sideways. She loves to hunt bees that visit the flowers of herbs such as purple and rose pelargonium, she sits at flowers and catches bees with her camouflage.

Found an absolute cutie this morning (Eastern hercules beetle)

She’s been injured somehow, maybe a bird?

Does anyone know what I should feed her?

Found this dead insect with super long tails and real curious what it is. Some kind of mayfly?