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April 12, 2019



The pigeon scratchboard is now scanned.

The Best

bowelfly:another collaboration with @gachimush…


another collaboration with @gachimushi

I’m in love. 😍

Notes for drawing (and writing) insects


I do something like this almost yearly and it feels like it gets a little longer every time!

Personally I draw either cartoony stuff or hybrid monsters where none of this is mandatory, but here are some of the things I sometimes see missing or inaccurate in insect artwork that was meant to be lifelike, and even if you only do alien, monster or cartoon arthropods, or you don’t make art at all, you might still like to know some of these things!

First off, an insect leg pretty much always has 9 segments. #1, the coxa, is what attaches it to the body and can be a short little “ball” or a whole long piece, but almost always bends DOWN.

The last five segments are almost always very short, forming a super flexible “foot” or “tarsus” ending in a set of claws and sticky pads. All spiders have this “foot” as well!

The foot is even still present on the claws of a preying mantis – growing right out of the “sickle” like this, and still used as feet when the mantis walks around or climbs.

Basically ONLY CRABS have limbs ending in simple points!

Insects don’t just have side-to-side mandibles at all, but an upper and lower set of “lips” like a duck bill! In some, however, these parts can be very small or even fused solid.

Insects also typically have four “palps” on their head, an upper and lower pair, which evolved from legs and are used to handle food!

Most insects have ocelli, single-lens eyes in addition to their multi-faceted compound eyes.


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Yes, all this. This is good. Take note, friends, these tips are good for both drawing and for looking at your tiny insect friends a little closer out in the wild.

February 17, 2019

baylaart: Here is the finished mama opossum …


Here is the finished mama opossum and her little passel of apostles. Part of my nocturnal “No Gods but Nature” series.  

I was contacted by SEVERAL people about this piece before it was even finished…..who knew there was such a big market for opossum paintings!!

PSA time!
I am ALWAYS happy when someone reaches out, even if the piece of interest ends up being a bit out of their price range. With commissions I can usually work within each individual’s budget, to be sure that my work stays as affordable and accessible as possible. But painting takes time, and materials cost money. It is well known and accepted that the average tattoo artist charges $120 to $150 an hour, and their work can take several sessions to complete. I generally charge a mere $30 – $40 an hour depending on the materials used, and this is still bellow the industry standard for illustration work. Some of my pieces take 50 hours or more to paint, and even the smaller ones, like this little opossum family, can take around 7 to complete. I love painting and love selling my work, I hope that the people interested can understand the value and cost of the time, money, and effort that goes into making each individual piece.

I just have to say, not only is this whole idea (”No Gods but Nature”) so perfect and wonderful that it’s making me a little teary (look at all those little halos!!!), but also hey y’all this artist does birbs and bugs

Looooook <<< link to their etsy shop:

That cockroach is perfect

February 15, 2019

podkins: canadianmomcrochets: knithacker: M…




Moth is not a four-letter word for this UK knitter! 🦋🌺💚 @maxsworld

Oh my…the talent I see on here is so freaking inspiring! ❤️

This is ART.  Amazing! reblogging for my followers.

I need to start knitting moths, apparently.

bowelfly: been meaning to draw @flatw00ds‘ bi…


been meaning to draw @flatw00ds‘ big bad beetlegrub Dom for a while now. all of their forms are extremely good, but i’m contractually obligated to go with the buggiest one.

Does anybody else ever just want to lovingly mouth on large grubs? Like, I kiss my fat caterpillars (so refreshing guys, you have to try it), but I kinda want to nom on big fat wiggly grubs. Luckily (for them and me both, I guess), I have never encountered any notably large ones. But this friend? I feel like they would be safe to nom a little. If they were into that kinda thing.



Southern Ground Hornbill Bucorvus leadbeateri #403



I’ve seen these babies in the wild! They are endangered! They are AWESOME! They were… on the ground! I was still figuring out how to use my camera, so the photos aren’t the best, but look at these damn birds.

From Liwonde National Park in Malawi, November 2017

lwhittie: Siberian lynx scanned version Scratc…


Siberian lynx scanned version


The most majestic blep that has ever blepped



Inksectober Day 21: Scorpionfly

I didn’t know these existed and now I love them more than air

Prompts by @six-legs-and-more

I love him