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@nanonaturalist what is this guy i love him?

Aaahhhhhhh Belostomatidae!!! Also known as a Giant Water Bug, this is a family of very large (in size) aquatic hemipterans (true bugs). They are also predatory and are sometimes called “toe-biters.” They eat other aquatic insects, but also amphibians, fish, and some birds. And, yes, that’s right, they fly.

Some more info on these friends!

Bugguide [link]

University of Florida Entomology [link]

I have not been so blessed to meet a living one, but I did encounter them in a somewhat unexpected place:

They are good eatings, if you’re into that sort of thing! And look at how EXPENSIVE!

November 20, 2018

@free-spirit-roaming, my friend, these absolutely do not taste like watermelons. I asked my coworker for her expert opinion (she’s Cambodian, lived in Thailand for a while before coming to the US, ate a TON of bugs along the way, and very much regretted eating these ones). 

I suppose if you have to categorize the flavor, “savory” is closer than “fruity,” but if they taste anything like the way that giant cockroach smelled after I unknowingly steamed it in my electric kettle one fateful day a few years back… better descriptors might be musky, earthy, or foreboding. It very well may be an acquired taste.

November 21, 2018

Right so, I’m used to finding random bugs in m…

Right so, I’m used to finding random bugs in my house at this point, but when I saw my cat paying a little *too much* attention to to something on the floor, and it was… a sweat bee… I didn’t even know what to do??? Like, how did you get in the house, little friend? What were you looking for? How can I best assist you in your endeavors? I put her on a potted basil leaf and she had flown off when I checked on her again. I hope she found whatever it was she was looking for and I hope it wasn’t inside a cat.

Seen November 15 / Posted Nov 18, 2018

@psychicbouquetofstars submitted:

@psychicbouquetofstars submitted:

My friend’s little garden has a little assassin bug in it! I had one last year in my garden and I watched him grow up until he flew away… anyways thought you’d enjoy him!!!

Yes I love him. Assassin bugs are one of my favorite insects (shhhhh don’t tell the moths). I recently caught a cluster of eggs hatching (and the newborns always have a dance party after they squeeze out)[link to previous post]. Your baby is related (I’m pretty sure, anyway) to the Zelus renardii (Leafhopper assassins) I have fairly reliably:

Top left is a very gravid mama, top right is a newly molted baby, bottom two are older babies dooting around. 

Below, a completely unrelated Scudder’s katydid nymph who mimics the assassins!

Thanks for sharing!

September 9, 2018

Really pretty ant on the prowl at work

Really pretty ant on the prowl at work

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time no see!  No joke, I’ve been sick for about a month between food
poisoning and a horrible respiratory infection.  I just wanted to let
you guys know I’m finally able to start working on some new things and
I’m going as fast as I can to catch up on orders that were delayed when I
was unable to work.  Please bear with me <3.

Finally put together a design for a bug shirt after having been half dead most of the month <3.  Coming soon ™.

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Y’all haven’t smelled anything until a GIANT BEETLE POOPS ON YOU. I swear I smelled like legions of porta potties were distilled into a special “just-for-me” Eau de Scarabée fragrance that I was forced to wear the rest of the night. Like, imagine the grossest subway elevator possible and make it smell worse, and then imagine you had to take a whiff every time you wanted to photograph something. Rude.

Grapevine Beetle, by the Colorado River in Austin, Texas
Smelled May 16 / Posted June 13, 2018

Okay so, today while looking for ducks, a GIANT beetle larva (it had to have been something like a leaf beetle but it was massive) scurried out from the bushes and I petted him a bit to slow him down for photos. He ended up crawling into my hoodie sleeve, and when I tried to lift him up he got SO SCARED he pooped in my sleeve a little. Super tiny baby poop though.


Thanks, Canada

(July 25, 2018 / posted from Calgary)

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• Still in bed at 11:30 am because I’m a grown-ass adult and I can
• Hear a *thump* on my bedroom window
• huh
• What have I done to become so blessed? Has the Cicada God deemed me worthy? Is this the karma I have been so patiently waiting for?
• Thank you for the beautiful song, sweet boy 😭

June 23, 2018

Oh right I forgot to mention: the window is closed. The sound you hear is through double-paned glass. These things are so loud they can actually hurt your ears.

@dratinimartini​ I am indeed so blessed 😭Please enjoy

Cicadas I Have Loved

Posted previously (POST-MOLT GIFSET) here [link]

Cicadas of the world. Top left: The first cicada I ever saw. Auckland, New Zealand in 2007. Top right and bottom photos were two cicadas I saw in Malawi last year (2017).

Some Texan Babes. A couple of these I posted recently. Check them out:
Scissors Grinder comes out of nowhere and lands on my shirt
Little Mesquite Cicada takes a Superb Dog-day Cicada for a pony ride

I obsessively document all my bugs on iNaturalist. Check out all my cicadas here (including their different screams!) [link]

Also, probably worth mentioning I am A BIG FAN OF SCREAMING BUGS

Above: your humble narrator upon receipt of the best shirt ever [link]

@samwisenichols Yes! It’s True! They Are LOUD. Observe Chapter 24 of the University of Florida Book of Insect Records: LOUDEST [link]:

Those are all cicadas. And the “SPL” in the chart is the sound in decibels. The loudest of the loud cicadas average over 105 dB when measured from 50 cm (approx 20 inches away). But how loud is 105 dB anyway? Check out these scales I stole from this website [link] and vandalized with a beautiful Neotibicen <3

Louder than a chainsaw! 😀

Some species of cicada are so loud, you couldn’t take them into a concert or dance club in the EU without breaking the law! Listening to cicadas scream at 20 inches away for less than 4 minutes can result in irreversible hearing damage.


July 12, 2018

Sorry for the shaky footage, but this little o…

Sorry for the shaky footage, but this little one hopped onto my wife’s desk and I had to catch it and video it before I put it outside. Some kind of wasp? Super energetic and intelligent, entrancing really. Really tiny.

Libellula – Dragonfly

Libellula – Dragonfly:

Source ❀

What is this bug? Black, six legs, long flexib…

What is this bug? Black, six legs, long flexible spiky abdomen, yellow spot on head and side of abdomen. Found in southeast Michigan. Help.

Woah! Definitely a cool one! Can anyone help mawkabre out with this lovely insect?