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My larvae are dummy thicc and the clap of their poo falling on plastic keeps alerting the dog

The Polyphemus poo falling sounded like a soothing hailstorm (I had a lot of them)

August 30, 2019

I’m a finalist in a photography contest (???) with these two babes, winners will be in a calendar, and it’s making me think maybe I should make a caterpillar calendar of my own anyway.

Top: Vine Sphinx
Bottom: Tiger moth (unknown species)

August 15, 2019


We’ve had a lot of small monarch caterpillars on our milkweed plants this summer, but so far none of them seem to be surviving to pupate. They’re supposed to be gross and poisonous, but I don’t think the birds have gotten the memo yet. I just went out and collected as many as I could find—I count eleven caterpillars and one unhatched egg. We’ll take care of them until they’re ready to pupate, and then we’ll set them out on the porch to emerge as butterflies.

A mother butterfly followed me around from plant to plant, laying eggs on one leaf while I plucked a caterpillar from another. Best wishes, ma’am!

Birds aren’t getting them, wasps are. Their larvae eat caterpillars and grubs. If you watch your garden, you’ll see paper wasps wandering around hunting for them.

August 2, 2019


@gachimushi found this extremely good two-inchworm in our garden tonight.


July 9, 2019


caterpillars have more muscles than humans but i’d like to see one try to fight me irl and see what happens

I have been late for work because I had a giant caterpillar on me and I couldn’t get it off. No, really, if you have a caterpillar on you, and it doesn’t want to be off of you, you are stuck with a caterpillar on you forever. Forever.

Either you go to work with a caterpillar on your arm, or you’re late for work. Either way, the caterpillar wins.

July 8, 2019







A question

If I sold caterpillar faces, would people buy them, and how much should I charge for them?

They make for *very interesting* arts and crafts supplies, and the caterpillars drop them after each molt (molting caterpillar pictured, you can see his new face squeezing out of the new one better below).

I have a decent sized collection of various kinds of caterpillars, and they all look different.

Whatcha guys think?

June 19, 2019


This makes me so sad…

Why? It’s a molt, they didn’t die. It’s just some funky shed skin.

Because I had a cup of wine, let a dude break my heart, and then lost the ability to read before judging people and their face stealing. How you doin’?

^ me

Only, the tables are turned


June 26, 2019

But seriously through

Here’s a video of a caterpillar dropping a face. 

Also, here’s the bounty the babes have dropped since I first posted this:

Each caterpillar drops four of these before they make a chrysalis! They get bigger as they grow. The tiny little round one was what they hatch with out of their eggs, but these ones (the Hackberry/Tawny Emperors) grow horns. There are still a few wayward Question Mark faces in here. Can you find them?

Not sure if I’d be selling them as-is, or finally get off my bum and put them in resin. I have a couple jugs from my old job (I was a polymer scientist lol *cries*). I can sell them for more $ as a finished product, but I have so little energy, guys, you have no idea.

June 26, 2019





I had an “assignment” from an entomologist at the California Department of Agriculture to rear a particular species of slug moth (Euclea incisa, not present in California so he can’t do it himself) and document variations in caterpillars from different broods. No problem! I said.

He probably didn’t expect embryonic development updates.

The eggs of this species are completely transparent and flat, so checking in was easy and SO COOL.

Anyways these babes are one of the stinging slug caterpillars, and they don’t have prolegs (?!), check out that last gif. Mom of these ones is in the last photo. They are super tiny, microscope shots are magnified 50x.

Said Californian entomologist is a Good Dude and offered to help me write up the paper without author credit on the babes. I can’t get an entomology job without an entomology degree, but I wonder how many single-author papers I can publish to substitute for one (probably none lol).

May 17, 2019

Spiny slug baby updates

The purpose of this “experiment” is to see if there are differences in how the caterpillars look between different batches of eggs, but I’m going to go insane keeping track of that here AND on iNat, so here are a bunch of unlabeled random slug babies! Microscope shots are all magnified 20x in this batch.

Arranged from youngest to oldest. They get spinier and stingier as they grow!


Look! You can see them without the microscope now!!! And I am totally raising them in a parmesan container, they are too small to keep in anything else.

At their largest, they are about the size of a jelly bean. A… spiny jelly bean. Do not eat.

May 18, 2018

Spiny Slug Jellypillar Update

He monch


Save me

It’s warm enough in my house that I am constantly fighting against mold in their little containers, but if they are molting I can’t move them off a moldy leaf. It’s a situation. I upgraded the big batch of them to a salad bin (formerly in a parmesan container). The rest of the babies are in sauce cups.

Wecome to my salad bar!

May 26, 2019

The worst salad? Or…

the best salad?

They’re so cute save me how are there so many where did they come from

This isn’t even all of them

June 10, 2019

Some updates!



@thedaeyoung holy carp yes they do

Last night I was up too late doing emergency caterpillar feeding. I need to switch their enclosure over but I don’t have a clean one and I can’t eat the salad I bought fast enough to move them into that container, and there’s a lot of mold growing at the bottom of this one. I was worried about cocoons getting moldy, feeding leaves to caterpillars, and I accidentally bumped a baby with my finger.


The sting was worse than an io moth caterpillar sting! It wasn’t a very hard bump though, I’m sure a proper sting would be much more painful. Very impressive!

June 18, 2019



We had tomato plants this year.

Operative word had.

Don’t worry, we didn’t kill them, we put them back on the doomed plants after snapping a photo. They completely stripped two large tomato plants in two days. Honestly kinda impressive.


I love them *kisses the babies*

Reminds me of a situation a lady in my butterfly group had:


June 17, 2019



Euclea incisa slug moth caterpillars

Top gif: heartbeat in a caterpillar visible before molting
Other gifs: restless caterpillar seeks out a pupation spot (his heartbeat was also visible, though harder to see in the gifs)

They grow so fast!

June 16, 2019


Here is the cocoon of our restless fellow (and his final poops):

Also, he monch (look at his little bum in the lower right corner!).

The slug moths hide their faces so they will hold their leaves with opposable face flaps that look like giant lips. It’s like if you wore a hoodie laced mostly shut and ate by putting food into the narrow opening of the hood.

June 16, 2019


Euclea incisa slug moth caterpillars

Top gif: heartbeat in a caterpillar visible before molting
Other gifs: restless caterpillar seeks out a pupation spot (his heartbeat was also visible, though harder to see in the gifs)

They grow so fast!

June 16, 2019