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Almost all of human culture throughout history seems to regard birds and beautiful, majestic, respectable animals but have you actually met a bird??? Have you ever seen anything resembling dignity come out of those things???

Pictured above: Dignity escaping from birds in liquid form
Spotted Sandpiper, Texas (top) and Common Bulbul, Malawi (bottom)

August 13, 2019

@jabercoll, my friend, you forget the part where birds often poop… nonchalantly… on each other.

These Black Vultures?

They’re called Black Vultures for a reason. They are purely black. They have no white feathers.

Their poop, however, is white. They are highly social birds, they roost in large groups. And like birds are wont to do, they nonchalantly poop wherever they happen to be. Which is often directly above another bird. 

August 13, 2019

Birds don’t have a rectum and thus can’t store their feces, so they don’t have a choice!

This blog is pro-cloaca

No cloca-shaming was present in my previous post! However, their ROOSTING BEHAVIORS *cough*

Black Vultures are still one of my absolute favorite birds ever, and they are perfect in every way, even down to their cookies-and-cream feathers