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nanofishology:Rescued a cute baby geck from th…


Rescued a cute baby geck from the cats this morning. Stay outside little one! The house is full of murder machines!!

In my attempts to UNFLAG THE HUNDREDS OF FLAG POSTS FROM MY PERSONAL BLOG, hey I’m going to reblob all my early nature posts!

House Gecko from September 2016

My Rough Greensnake friend is getting BIG! Als…

My Rough Greensnake friend is getting BIG! Also, not as afraid of me as before. Very curious about my smell and/or the camera, lots of tongue flicks. Also, I got to give pets!! No snuggles yet…

October 4, 2018



Inktober day 2: Stripes, Sonoran mountain kingsnake

Yes yes yes

A Lover Waiting on my Doorstep Lithobates som…

A Lover Waiting on my Doorstep

Lithobates something-or-other, what do I look like, a *herpetologist*??

October 1, 2018

One of the Green Anoles witnessed me watering …

One of the Green Anoles witnessed me watering my plants when it was 100 deg out and needed in on the action. He flopped out of the bush (while brown) and started licking the dead leaves. I switched the hose to mist and sprayed him, while he happily soaked it up, licked more leaves, and showed off his neck frill while he turned green (yes they change color!). Very cute.

August 28, 2018

typhlonectes: The Giant Tadpole That Never Go…


The Giant Tadpole That Never Got Its Legs

By Katie L. Burke

A record-breaking, 10-inch-long whopper of a bullfrog tadpole was discovered by a crew of ecologists in a pond in Arizona.

The biggest tadpole ever found—at a whopping 10 inches long—was discovered
by a crew of ecologists in a pond in the Chiricahua Mountains of  Arizona. Alina Downer, an intern at the American Museum of Natural
History’s Southwestern Research Station, came across the monster
bullfrog tadpole as her crew was draining a manmade pond as part of a
habitat restoration project for the endangered Chiricahua leopard frog.

As the water level lowered,  Downer
and her colleagues were assessing what organisms were left in the muddy
shallows that she likened to “chocolate soup.” Downer says, “I  was
fishing around with my hands while walking in the water, and I felt  
something large, smooth, and wriggly—which was unexpected, since the
only other fish in the pond were about an inch long.”

 an avid naturalist, Downer’s first instinct was curiosity. “At first I
thought it was a giant catfish,” she says, grinning at the uncanny
memory. “Whatever it was, I knew I had to grab it.” She herded the  slippery creature into shallower water until she could capture it. To her surprise, it turned out to be “an enormous monster of a tadpole”—so
big she had to hold it with two hands…

Read more: American Scientist

My back yard apparently has very good yelp rev…

My back yard apparently has very good yelp reviews, because every Green Anole in the neighborhood comes here to sleep in my trees and bushes. Sometimes they are absolutely ridiculous. I mean, who sleeps standing up????

Photos from early June / posted August 14, 2018

I have a Rough Greensnake friend who lives in …

I have a Rough Greensnake friend who lives in my trees. Very sweet, very precious. A perfect noodle.

Photos from early June / Posted August 13, 2018







there are so many obnoxious shirts for cat/dog lovers but. are there ones for people who keep insects. inquiring minds must know

ok i didn’t find anything like what i had in mind but these are funny in themselves so i’m subjecting you to them anyway

I’m wearing this one right now and I love it

(the artist’s store is but idk if everything is available now)



My friends, allow me to introduce you to BioQuip. They are the place where you buy entomology supplies, such as UV lights to attract moths, enclosures to raise caterpillars, sweep nets to find what critters are in tall grasses (spoiler alert: grasshoppers).

They are also the place to get super nerdy bug shirts [link to their shirt page]

I have this one. On the top row, there are two bees. On the bottom row, there is a fly mimic and a sphinx moth. (Or, not two bees).

I don’t have this one (but I wants it)

You know those tacky sweatshirts from the 90’s that had three cats or dogs on the front, and their butts on the back? (Or am I just old now?). WELL you can have that with arthropods!

Like beetles? How about roaches? Here you go!

Or display your general love for our small friends with a “Sex, Bugs, and Rock ‘n Roll” shirt.

Not really into bugs? More of a lizard person? WELL friend they have some herp shirts too, like these chameleons! They say there are five in this, but I think they’re joking.

Anyway I have ALSO found the kids clothes at Target (of all places) to reliably have some good sciency animal/nature/bug shirts. If you are a smaller size human, the larger kid’s sizes might fit you.

And I am utterly devastated that the shop selling the “Don’t tread on me” shirt (with a SNAKEfly omg genius) is closed and those shirts are unavailable. Like, this shirt is the best thing ever and I NEED IT so bad:

(pssst: none of those are flies it’s hilarious)

August 4, 2018




Hey friends I just found a puddle full of tadpoles and frog eggs, the puddle has been here for about a week from a heavy downpour but it’s shrinking and I’m thinking of catching as many tadpoles as I can and releasing them into a pond. Good idea?

@nanofishology do you know anything about frogs and tadpoles and such?

I don’t know too much but I would try to find a spot that replicates their puddle as best as possible. Don’t relocate to just any pond, if it’s a big deep pond, then lots of fish will just eat them. A marshy area (including shallow areas of larger ponds) is likely better. Tadpoles aren’t the best swimmers.

I’ve seen lots of tadpoles in what seemed like temporary puddles and ditches, and it’s amazing how fast they can grow. BUT sometimes their timing is off and they need a little help.