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Butterfly House at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. One of the better ones I’ve been in!

Visited the museum for this post December 2016, desperately need to go back (yes, I have been there again since, but still).

Fun fact: when I first started raising butterflies, I looked back to this post to see how they had hung their chrysalids to figure out how in the heck to do it myself. I couldn’t figure it out so I developed my own method. But now that I know what I’m doing, I can tell you: that cord the chrysalids are hanging off is probably silk, and they have probably wrapped the silk mats the caterpillars laid down around the cord. So simple! Either that, or they used a super secret butterfly glue I don’t know about because I’m not in the Butterfly Blood Brotherhood.

Reposting July 9, 2019

or, tumblr is still silently deleting all of your posts without telling you, so I hope you are still backing up your blogs EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU POST SOMETHING YOU CARE ABOUT!

So I have been going back through my archives, because I have been posting LOTS OF COOL STUFF since long before I had any followers. Some of my old posts have… 0 notes. So I’m going through… and I found…

My photo post, in its entirety, was replaced by a note from tumblr that says, “Hey, this post may contain adult content, so we’ve hidden it from public view.” With a button to learn more. The button takes me to a super helpful page telling me HEY NO TITTIES! Um. yeah, so if you HID MY POST FROM PUBLIC VIEW that means I SHOULD STILL BE ABLE TO SEE WHAT IT WAS and then push a button that says, “Y’all are dumbasses this is a caterpillar.” NOPE. They permanently deleted my post in its entirety. 

This was back before I wrote the date at the bottom of all my posts, so I had to do some sleuthing to figure out which part of my archive (BECAUSE I RUN A SCRIPT THAT BACKS UP MY BLOG EVERY SINGLE DAY) to look in. Aha! Found it! So, without further ado, HERE IS THE POST TUMBLR DOESN’T WANT YOU TO SEE! 


I am a LONG TIME trilobite lover. When I was 13, I would blow my babysitting money on fossils from Natural Wonders at the mall.

The trilobite fossil I bought as a teenager is pictured above, with the trilobite hat I knit (pattern is free on Knitty [link]). I wore this hat the first time I visited the Field Museum in Chicago:

What a nerd.