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Right so, I’m used to finding random bugs in m…

Right so, I’m used to finding random bugs in my house at this point, but when I saw my cat paying a little *too much* attention to to something on the floor, and it was… a sweat bee… I didn’t even know what to do??? Like, how did you get in the house, little friend? What were you looking for? How can I best assist you in your endeavors? I put her on a potted basil leaf and she had flown off when I checked on her again. I hope she found whatever it was she was looking for and I hope it wasn’t inside a cat.

Seen November 15 / Posted Nov 18, 2018

This handsome man stole my heart! 

This handsome man stole my heart! 

Tarantula Hawk wasp, seen at Lake Travis outside Austin, TX

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Physically, yes I could eat a wasp gall. But emotionally? Imagine the toll

why would you need to eat one in the first place

my monkey brain says this is fruit

imagine adam and eve but the fruit of knowledge is a wasp gall

Galls are delicious! Try one of our many varieties!

Refreshing fruits!

Savory nuts!

Indulgent candies!

Tart berries!

Full of fiber and protein, everything a developing wasp could possibly need!

October 23, 2018



The 50th person, pretending they know anything about biology: actually wasps are not important to the ecosystem

Me, in tears: google is literally free

I would argue that wasps are far more important than even native bees, and I’m not sure if anyone who knew about either would disagree.

This seems like something I need to write a post about when I’m not mad!

October 22, 2018

I saw this spider wasp in the process of diggi…

I saw this spider wasp in the process of digging her nest in Keller. What is she doing with her head?!

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Honestly the mere fact that some people refer to Daddy Long Legs as “harvestmen” is creepier than 90% of all deliberately created horror but like the worst part is that the alternative is calling them Daddy Long Legs


They are harvesting our sorrows

True harvestmen, and not cellar spiders which are the other Daddy Long Legs, are truly omnivorous- known to eat everything from spiders, to fecal matter, to leaves and fungus… But one of the singularly most interesting habits of a particular European species is their almost symbiotic relationship with beehives– particularly man-made beehives. When a bee dies inside the hives, workers will remove the the corpse to just outside the hive just before dark. And the harvestmen? Well, they live up to their name.

So what you’re saying is that they are the grim reaper for bees.

The grim beeper

Somebody do this for inktober it’s not too late



So I looked into it, and it appears harvestmen have been found nibbling on dead bees, because free easy food, but it isn’t a main food source.

However, some that I do a little work with eat slugs… So that’s pretty cool!

And while I took a touch of artistic liberty in slightly shorter legs and making those spines a little over the top, the little dudes are surprisingly spiny once you see them under a microscope!

@cloudclipper : The hero we deserve

Bees of Alberta AKA “Calgar-bees”

Bees of Alberta AKA “Calgar-bees”

So I FINALLY caught up to my one-day work trip to exotic Calgary this summer, where I was stunned and astonished by HOW MANY dragonflies and bees I saw. Got the trip to the botanical garden uploaded to iNat, and every single bee species I saw was a new one to me. All seven species are represented above!

1. Great Basin Bumble Bee, Bombus centralis
2. Perplexing Bumble Bee, Bombus perplexus
3. Orange-legged Furrow Bee, Halictus rubicundus
4. Hunt’s Bumble Bee, Bombus huntii
5. European Wool Carder Bee, Anthidium manicatum
6. Cryptic Bumble Bee, Bombus cryptarum
7. Nevada Bumble Bee, Bombus nevadensis

Seen July 25 at Silver Springs Botanical Gardens in Calgary, AB
Posted October 8, 2018

Up, up, and away!

Up, up, and away!

Photos from July 25 at Silver Springs Botanical Gardens in Calgary, AB
Posted October 8, 2018


Inktober: Day 1

Day 1 Prompt: Native Bees! I chose Macrotera from Del Rio this past April [link to iNat]. I *think* I remember how to hold a pen now (haaaaaa)


Kudos to @six-legs-and-more for best inktober prompt list

October 3, 2018 (I lied in the drawing SHHHHH)

ms-demeanor: BEE!Last set of photos tonight I…



Last set of photos tonight I think.

She’s beeautiful!