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birdandmoon: New comic: two butts and a lie. …


New comic: two butts and a lie.

This comic is based on the work of Christoph von Beeren and Daniel Kronauer. Von
Beeren even named the beetle after Kronauer: it’s Nymphister kronaueri!
Best honor ever. Plus an army ant, Eciton burchellii. Read more here.

Thanks to my friend Alex Wild for taking many of my photo references and looking at this before I posted it!

marycapaldi: 🐛 The very buggy best is back, …


🐛 The very buggy best is back, only at! 🐛

The shop returns from holiday hiatus with new stock on my most in-demand items and plenty of fashionable bugs and critters ready to brighten your day! First up, more Tiny Bug Collectible Plush are here, including those mantises and beetles that vanished so quickly last time – don’t miss out on these!

Since my last update on Tumblr, I’ve also imported two kinds of adorable Beetle Coin Pouches from Japan for you as well! These soft and spacious friends will hang onto your small treasures for you.

The ever-popular Moon Meditations and Metallic Honeybee Bugdanas have been reprinted and include the brand new White Gold variant!

These and many more fabulous treats (brought to you by one independent artist) are waiting, only at! ✨

Hey guys I found out @marycapaldi and I are birthday twins (though I’m five years older), isn’t that wild?

bowelfly: been meaning to draw @flatw00ds‘ bi…


been meaning to draw @flatw00ds‘ big bad beetlegrub Dom for a while now. all of their forms are extremely good, but i’m contractually obligated to go with the buggiest one.

Does anybody else ever just want to lovingly mouth on large grubs? Like, I kiss my fat caterpillars (so refreshing guys, you have to try it), but I kinda want to nom on big fat wiggly grubs. Luckily (for them and me both, I guess), I have never encountered any notably large ones. But this friend? I feel like they would be safe to nom a little. If they were into that kinda thing.



Inksectober Day 21: Scorpionfly

I didn’t know these existed and now I love them more than air

Prompts by @six-legs-and-more

I love him



Inksectober Day 12: Wings

Bit late with this one but didn’t want to miss out on pretty wings

Prompts by @six-legs-and-more

Swiss Army Insect

I approve



October 7th, 2018

Inktober Day 7 , featuring a Madgascar Hissing Cockroach.

Off of @six-legs-and-more ’s prompt list !


Inktober: Days 4, 5, 6

Bit behind, so I did some quick non-colored outlines. Needed inspiration for the last two, so I went through photos on my phone that aren’t on iNaturalist yet *gasp*

Day 4 prompt: Lacewing.

Drawing is of this bab whom my coworker found in her lab notebook [link to iNat]. I was cradling the sweet bab in my hand as I went to let him go, and he BIT ME!!!

Day 5 prompt: Spots.

This is the tortoise beetle species who loves eating my morning glories. These are the best: they are normally a shiny gold, but when they feel threatened, they withdraw all the fliud in their wings that creates the shiny gold effect, which will cause their bright red and black-spotted bodies to become visible. They mimic lady beetles, which taste terrible, as a way to protect themselves.

Day 6 prompt: Grasshopper

These things are leggy and hard to draw, but I’m pretty pleased with this one! Don’t know species yet, bit should be fairly obvious to anyone who knows their orthopterans.

October 7, 2018 (lying)

Prompts from @six-legs-and-more !


Inktober: Day 3

Day 3 Prompt: Aquatic.

Model is this Mayfly nymph from Bastrop County, TX last spring [iNat link]

From @six-legs-and-more’s list

October 4, 2018 (liar!)

bowelfly: inktober day 3 – caddisfly, prompt …


inktober day 3 – caddisfly, prompt was “aquatic” from @six-legs-and-more​‘s list


six-legs-and-more: Inktober Day 2: Caterpilla…


Inktober Day 2: Caterpillar

My prompt list