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Taking notes from an audio recording of an interview I had with a retired wildlife biologist/naturalist friend of mine for an article I’m writing, and it’s absolutely ridiculous how frequently one or both of us interrupted the entire interview to start baby talking at a bird who showed up to one of his feeders and/or we just up and left the house to check out a moth that started flapping at his sliding glass door.

Seriously, I ruined what would have been an excellent quote to call a cardinal a Handsome Man then we both got distracted when a baby titmouse showed up.

July 3, 2019, 3:22 am









Anyways where’s my lgbt scientists at? Let’s talk about how we’re queer + scientists.


Y’all I am so queer but the last time I tried to date it was a disaster (she lied about being interested in bugs to initially catch my attention–then literally screamed when I booped a spider in my yard and asked what I use for pest control… um), so I’ll stick to kissing caterpillars and moths until I run into another hot mess crawling through the bushes with a camera.

April 7, 2019

Dating when your an entomologist is so hard. Just need me a cute boy that isn’t going to freak out when I bring home a specimen jar of dead honeybees or when he opens the freezer and sees a bunch of dead insects.

Ah yes, the “freezer full of insects” issue

Someday I’ll deal with this mess.

April 8, 2019

so what i hear is there needs to be some sort of entomology oriented dating site


#but in all seriousness the biggest stumbling block I run into in dating as an ecologist is that I’m too damn busy#I go through regular periods of absolutely garbage work life balance#you can measure them by how much mail piles up on my counter and how many household chores go undone#and I’m pretty much gone one fourth of the year for summer field season#it’s tough maintaining a social life


For reals, though, this is why I haven’t even bothered attempting to date besides that one horrible failure cited above. And I’m not even a professional bug scientist, I just pretend to be one on the internet, I (usually -_-) have a real job I have to work all week, and THEN I get to choose: do I spend my weekend catching up on chores I didn’t do all week because I was working? Or do I drive to east Texas and get eaten alive by mosquitos crawling through swamps looking for pitcher plants, then spend the next several weeks editing photos and posting them to iNat? I have a bag of laundry from over a year ago I haven’t finished putting away yet.

I’ve joked that the only reason I would want to be in a relationship was so somebody could do my chores and cat/bug-sit for me while I was on trips. Maaaaybe that’s the wrong reason! 

I’ve promised myself that if I do attempt dating again (shit guys I’m 34 my dating pool is full of weirdos), that dates consist 100% of outdoor activities with high likelihood of bug contacts because y’all, I know the vast majority of you haven’t met me in person, but

the bug people at the last iNaturalist gathering I went to thought I was an obsessed maniac. At one point I had at least 8 scarabs and 4-5 sphinx moths on my hands and arms… at the same time [link], and they were like, whoah!

Anyway, I guess that’s what the six cats are for!

April 8, 2019

@nanonaturalist​ excuse me, but who the fuck doesn’t want to be covered in scarabs and moths given the chance???  That’s a mood AND the dream.

@tarantulajelly I KNOW, RIGHT???????????????????

It’s like, do you even like bugs if you don’t want them all over you???? What kind of naturalist are you anyway?????

April 9, 2019