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dont forget 

My friends, the full set has been revealed to us!

I love you Archbishop Frank.

The continuity of these is what sells it to me every time

Why is there always a member of the clergy

The biomes are now catholic

Happy Shark Week Everyone!

July 31, 2019


Fixed it

I named my house “Spider Haven.” So far over 70 species of spiders in the yard/around the house (some I’ve only found indoors!), hoping to get that above 100 someday!

April 6, 2019

I don't give one single shit about plants. Fuck you.

im honestly so sorry for you for all the absolute joy and surprise you’re missing out on by refusing to allow the weirdness of plants even mildly into ur heart tbh…..cant even look at a tree and momentarily appreciate the fact that its just a weird accidental totem pole literally building itself out of the ground while eating the sun and everyone just accepts it as normal….. like get well soon buddy……