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Where To Find Me off Tumblr!

First off, I’m not leaving tumblr, they will have to scrape me off this site with a chisel. This is the only place I have ever been able to go on weird science rants and had people care?? Y’all, I’ve been bothering people with this stuff since like 1992. I taught myself HTML so I could make my own website in 1996 (RIP Geocities), I tried to run various blogs in the early 2000′s, and I gave up because if anybody saw my posts, they never said anything and I didn’t feel like I was making any kind of an impact. But I know I’m making an impact here because y’all are telling me that I am!!! 

So, as long as this hellsite is still operational, even if I have to manually go through all my posts every single week to make sure they’re not getting flagged, I will do it. My blog itself is not flagged for removal. The only thing that will bring it down is if tumblr itself collapses. If that happens, don’t worry, I am backing up my blog with a script every day. I’m going to try my hardest to get through all the asks in my inbox (SORRRRRY), but keep in mind the whole looming unemployment thing I’m dealing with. Oh boy life is exciting! OKAY, novel over.

Social Media, in order of how frequently I check them:<– my iNat profile page also includes links to my other social media outlets

In the event tumblr ceases to exist, my blog will relocate to my website: 

December 11, 2018

incoming reblogs maybe sorry

*sigh* so apparently my caterpillar liveposts where ONE of the initial posts had been flagged and were resolved has now caused OTHER posts in the chains to be flagged and it’s just a disaster (those posts aren’t flagged, but the reblogs are flagged because other posts in the chain are? And I can’t request a review because none of the other posts are actually flagged??? Help??). I’m going to try reblogging all of those since it seemed to help with the tussock. So if you start drowning in long caterpillar livepost chains… I’m just trying to keep them from getting deleted. 

I had to spend two hours going through every s…

I had to spend two hours going through every single post I have ever made because @staff would have deleted these ones if I hadn’t. At no point did I ever receive a notice that any of my content was flagged. 

Let me repeat: After December 17, tumblr may start deleting posts that it has flagged. It may do this without any warning whatsoever. 

If you have not already backed up your content, do it now. 

The Great Job Hunt 2018 – SciComm Edition

The Great Job Hunt 2018 – SciComm Edition:



Hey all. I originally posted this on twitter but maybe some tumblr folks can benefit from it too. I was job-hunting and found lots of SciComm jobs that don’t really fit me but might be someone else’s perfect match, so I compiled everything in a spreadsheet.

Also, yes, tumblr is still blocked here so I only check it when I need to post. If you have something to say about this spreadsheet (or if you wanna nerd out about sea slugs), I’m on twitter & instagram @franzanth and discord franzanth#8986.


Oh hey this thing again!

Great. I thought I escaped this mess. I have n…

Great. I thought I escaped this mess. I have never had ANY notifications that ANY of my posts have been flagged. If you find that any of them are, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me! I have backed up my blog, but I still don’t want any of my posts deleted!

December 9, 2018

Real Life Update

I’ve mentioned (maybe in passing?) that I’m losing my job soon. The electron microscope storm is because I’m going to lose access to it and I want to SEE ALL THE THINGS!

I need to be studying for a super boring certification test (it’s not actually super boring but it’s businessey and past-me thought business was boring and gross). But finding out that I’m basically losing my job right after I take this exam is not helping the anxiety, I can’t focus, and I feel like I should be churning out job applications. And it doesn’t help that all the jobs that are available that I am “qualified” for are in the field I went to engineering school to escape

Y’all, I’m stressed out!

I am seriously considering creating a non-profit organization that encompasses the outreach work I do (including this blog!) so I can apply for grant funding and do this as a living (and also do all the things I want to do, but can’t, because I won’t be working another job 50 hours a week!). That would be my dream. But it’s just one more thing my stupid brain is distracting me with when I should be studying for my exam!

If anybody potentially has connections™ in Austin that may be beneficial for a genius chemical engineer/project manager and/or random weirdo who runs a blog about bugs, PM me and I’ll send you my linkedin profile info. I swear if anybody here can help me find a job, I will literally fly out to you and crawl through whatever disgusting nature you have and look for bugs with you and/or show you how to make your own ravioli from scratch (it’s fun and easy!).

Deember 9, 2018


I finally broke down and ordered internet, so look out…

for me to start answering my inbox again




a package for me?


could it be?


it could!


oh shit!!!




I am profoundly jealous of anybody who can keep an organized anything. Here are my reference/nature books

My “desk” books. This is actually my “dining table” and I had to move that pile of clothes and bags (WHY) out of the way. These are things I use frequently.

My other nature/reference shelf. It’s a mess.

At one point this may have been organized. Most of the books on the left are ones I use for outreach. The 500 Insects one is ESPECIALLY good for younger kids. Big pictures, beautiful bugs, no text besides species and location. Great art reference!

I really do need more “textbook” books for hemiptera and lepidoptera but oh boy they’re expensive.

October 13, 2018

Screaming Cicada Trees | Bonfire

Screaming Cicada Trees | Bonfire:

Cicada shirt fundraiser!

There is a great event coming up for all sorts of people doing nature education projects with young people in Texas. Hey! I do lots of nature education with young people in Texas, I should totally go to this! *looks at ticket prices* Oh…

Help me go anyway! Can’t afford a silly cicada shirt? Then share it with people you can! Same deal as last time—I have to sell 5 for them to print, and the more shirts I sell, the cheaper they are to print, and the more $ that goes to me. 

October 12, 2018


On Insanity

My dear @endless—forms,

Don’t worry

This nutjob ain’t changing.

[top photos: me at the start of my love affair with BULL WHIP KELP in 1993]

[bottom photo: a legit love letter I wrote to an ungrateful boring plebe who was incapable of appreciating the finer points of banana slug mating rituals and for which reconcilliation was impossible, penned in 2005]

October 9, 2018