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We had tomato plants this year.

Operative word had.

Don’t worry, we didn’t kill them, we put them back on the doomed plants after snapping a photo. They completely stripped two large tomato plants in two days. Honestly kinda impressive.


I love them *kisses the babies*

Reminds me of a situation a lady in my butterfly group had:


June 17, 2019

911 HELP PLEASE (bug related!)



SO i just saved a imperial moth from the middle of a 4 lane road. I brought her home to put her behind my house when i realized that she was ACTIVELY LAYING DOZENS OF EGGS!!! 

I would love to take care of these little eggs as a way to teach my daughter more about the local fauna but i have NO idea how to take care of these little buds…


paging @nanonaturalist

It’s that time of year, when the Saturniids start laying eggs all over the side of your house… I’ve got one of these asks in my inbox I need to get to (although I think it’s about the same moth so hey!)

First off, ASAP you need to remove the eggs (or if the lady is still around, put her in a paper bag to get eggs on something easier to deal with). The eggs are glued on with special moth resin, but eggs can be gently pried off fairly easily. I pick them off with my hands because it’s easiest to not squish them like it would be with tools.

Second, you need to locate a nearby host plant. Saturniids are usually pretty easy, especially because so many people raise them and document what they eat. The bugguide page for imperial moth has an example list of trees they munch leaves from [link]. Just giving leaves isn’t good enough, you need to give fresh leaves. Keep them from drying out somehow. Newly hatched caterpillars can be kept in small containers with lids (don’t poke holes! They have enough air and keeping in moisture is your goal!). But clean out containers daily, make sure mold doesn’t grow, give fresh leaves, etc.

Larger caterpillars will eat entire branches full of leaves bare before they can dry out, and I will keep these in pop-up laundry hampers (which they will also make cocoons in and emerge from as moths). When your caterpillars get larger than your thumb and you have an armful of them, you run out of aquarium space and have to get creative! If you have a host plant in your yard, you can sleeve: put the caterpillars on the plant, then cover the branch in a netting that birds and predators can’t penetrate (remember parasitic wasps are tiny!). All you need to do is make sure there’s enough food in the netting for them, and move it around for them as needed.

One thing to keep in mind, if you are raising indoors: air conditioning dried out the air significantly. Your eggs and caterpillars might need to get misted with water to stay hydrated.

Lots of people raise moths and butterflies. If there’s a garden club in your area, chances are there are butterfly and moth people there who can give you pointers.

Good luck!!

June 17, 2019

mossworm: Did you know there is a national se…


Did you know there is a national sea monkey day on May 16th? I didn’t!

Here is an infographic about sea monkeys (fairy shrimp) and their cousins.

Enchanted Rock in Texas has these!! (Stay out of the pools if it rained!)

June 15, 2019

bunjywunjy: blackqueerblog: Here’s a link: h…



Here’s a link: 

There’s different colors representing different sea creatures ❤️🌊 

Just a little reminder that the US Military is the world’s biggest polluter. 
The fight against ecological disaster must include fighting the war machine! 

did some research, and this company does indeed appear to be legit! I’ll see about ordering one of these bracelets…

Legit and I applied for a job doing R&D with them. They’re planning to take the plastic they pull out of the ocean and actually make stuff out of it, and they need polymer scientists/engineers (oh hey)

June 11, 2019

geniusbee: geniusbee: Mt. St. Helens I’ll ha…



Mt. St. Helens

I’ll have limited copies of this in print at VanCAF17 this weekend, come see me at table D-11! 

I hadn’t even realized that it’s the anniversary of the eruption today (May 18, 1980) – I think Mt St Helens herself possessed me to make this in a hurry. 

This self-portrait I took back in 2006 with Mt. St. Helens is still one of my favorites.

She’s gorgeous ❤️

June 10, 2019

Have you ever thought about compiling all your…

Have you ever thought about compiling all your Weird Biology entries into an actual, physical (or digital i guess), published book?

the closest thing I have so far is, which will be updated someday when I have time. an published book would be absolutely kickass, especially if I got to do it under a larger organization like national geographic or something! but I just don’t have time to mess with that right now.



lucky says gay rights 💕



Louder for the people in the back?


This message brought to you by my conversation with the second person in one day who came to my workplace asking how to take care of the box turtle they found.

Leave. Turtles. The fuck. In nature.

(Picture is a box turtle we found on our property and left the fuck alone after a few unintrusive photos.)

My neighbors keep posting on Ye Olde Nextdoore “DID ANYBODY LOSE A PET TURTLE WE FOUND A TURTLE.”

We live… next to THE RIVER. I guess some people are so far removed from nature that they don’t realize… turtles are wild animals!

It doesn’t help that the pet store sells the most common wild species here.

It also doesn’t help that some of the other neighbors posted “WE LOST OUR PET TORTOISE WE LEFT HER IN OUR UNFENCED FRONT YARD UNSUPERVISED AND NOW WE CAN’T FIND HER.”

And everybody else is now suggesting the multitudes of wild red-eared sliders people are finding are communally this singular tortoise (also this garter snake is a diamondbacked rattler ps I found a single spider in my yard who is the best pest control company?)

The worst part—nobody cares about learning how turtles and tortoises are different or how um snakes and spiders are good?

At least my neighbor contents himself with throwing mothballs over the fence (suppsedly they are anti-snake) and I content myself to not saying anything because he could be spraying, and he doesn’t (thank Mothra).

June 4, 2019





the holy trifecta


I am so jealous look at these round boys

I still haven’t seen a wild Luna Moth



June 2, 2019

Last night, I dreamed a luna moth came to my house and oviposited on a plant right outside my window and I woke up and now I’m mad.

June 3, 2019

bowelfly: every year at university i give a l…


every year at university i give a lecture to the parasitology undergrads about myiasis and i had a post here that i reblog every year to celebrate it but apparently tumblr just straight up deleted it, not even a review or anything. i’m curious if that was because it contained the phrase “dick maggots” or because the fleshy mosaic sets off the No Fun Allowed robots. or i’m just really bad at looking through my archive. anyway here it is again so let’s see of it gets zapped.

If there’s not a band called “Dick Maggots” where all the members dress up as flies… there needs to be.

June 3, 2019