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A Dilemma

I am but one person with too little time and too many hyperfixations and even though my yard is actually kinda small it ends up taking on a life of its own because hey let nature do its thing, right? What’s the worst that could happen?



So, right now, the very back of my yard is a mini-forest of hackberry, elm, and soapberry saplings about chest high (so thick you can’t walk through them without cutting them down, it’s a situation). Behind those, there’s this tangled mass of common hedge parsley and catchweed bedstraw. Both of these plants are terrible. The catchweed is essentially nature’s velcro and it tears into your skin as a bonus. The parsley is fine until is goes to seed—I have clothes I can’t wear until I sit down for a few hours and pick all the burr-covered parsley seeds off them. No, they don’t come off in the wash.

The back of the yard is the worst, but the catchweed and the parsley are all over my entire yard (along with the invasive rescue brome grass I can’t get rid of). I’ve been picking as much of it as I can every time I go outside. I want to destroy ALL OF IT!!!

Except… uh… today while I was watering my trees… uh…


Sorry for the grainy quality, I was far away. But… uh… Swallowtail Butterfly host plants include… plants in the… carrot family…


You know, like… parsley? She laid several eggs while I watched, and I found three total. I know there’s gotta be more. Well, I guess that’s one host plant I’m not going to run out of… and I’ve never raised swallowtails before!!!

So I put the plants with the eggs inside, and went back to watering. Okay, maybe I don’t hate parsely as much. But I still hate catchweed. GRRR!!!

Oh! Hello Mexican Honey Wasp friend! What are you doing over here?


Wait… are you…


Nectaring on…



I watched this wasp, and… yes. The only flowers that seemed to interest her were these tiny catchweed flowers.

Well. I guess I’m not pulling out all of the parsley and catchweed. As if I’d have been able to in the first place.

Just goes to show how even “weeds” are essential components of any ecosystem. My current situation is just a gross imbalance of three particular species.

March 18, 2019

@guardianoftheduat : the seeds aren’t bad in and of themselves. They are perfect and wonderful and do exactly what they are supposed to do…

Which is catch onto passing mammals so they can end up dispersing and creating nice lovely ecosystems with diverse plantlife.

What does that look like for humans who wear (*sigh*) the wrong clothes that day?

These are one of my favorite pairs of hiking pants. They were expensive. They look wrinkled. They’re not. Those little dots are parsley seeds. Let me pull open that middle wrinkle for you.

I will have to hand pick off each individual seed if I want to wear these pants again. These things are essentially the strongest industrial grade velcro, and they are tiny. Maybe a sweater shaver can get them off, I don’t know.

This isn’t the only article of clothing in my “parsley seed” pile. I have a bunch of clothes I can’t wear because of the parsley seeds. This is why I’m trying to pull out all the parsley this year, I don’t want this to keep happening!

It’s a pain. I never have enough time to tame the yard, then I never have enough time to tame my pants. Viscious cycle.

March 25, 2019