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The absolute cutest baby Loggerhead Shrike. Th…

The absolute cutest baby Loggerhead Shrike. These birds are nick-named “butcher birds” after their habit of impaling their prey on thorns, barbed wire, or other sharp things, for safe keeping so they can eat it later. They have beautiful singing voices!

San Marcos, TX
Photo from July 2 / Posted September 14, 2018 (STILL BEHIND)

An adorable baby grackle 😂 Great-tailed Grack…

An adorable baby grackle
Great-tailed Grackle (teenager, really) and mamma

Seen June 1 / Posted Aug 10, 2018

Half a million Purple Martins roost in trees a…

Half a million Purple Martins roost in trees around malls and parking lots in central Texas every year around this time. It’s a rest stop during their migration to South America for the fall/winter. Before settling in to sleep, they fly and play around for an hour at sunset.

Travis Audubon Society hosts Purple Martin Parties, and advertises the location of the roosts (they change every year and from day to day!). A huge crowd of over 100 people came to sit in a parking lot in 95 deg F to watch birds and get pooped on. Notice the umbrellas? 😀

Very nice. Good birbs. A+ roosting.
July 28, 2018

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Britain’s smallest bird, the Goldcrest, weighs the same as a teaspoonful of sugar.

(via tumbleaboutit)

If everyone else flying around you was the size of a Cadillac Escalade, you’d be pissed, too.

Has anyone met a small bird that wasn’t made entirely of fight?

The Ruby-crowned Kinglet, the Goldcrest’s American cousin (both genus Regulus, both v small) is a sweet and curious angel. They are also very hyper and prone to teleporting. These babies will come up to human-watch. I’ve been birding, staring intently at some trees trying to figure out what bird is making all those noises (it’s ALWAYS a damn cardinal), then I’ll give up and turn around to see a RCK has been perched an arms-reach away watching me very intently. As soon as eye-contact is established, they teleport away.

Photos from this winter (~Jan 2018) / Posted July 28, 2018

Check out whooooo I met today. Lookit those fe…

Check out whooooo I met today. Lookit those feets!!!

My first time EVER seeing a Great Horned Owl and it was when my camera was out, on, and ready. I was the only person at the bird observatory. Usually the place has a few other people at least, but it was just me, a bunch of deer, a million dragonflies, and this dork with his floppy horn-doodles.

I took a million photos AND VIDEO!!! These were just a couple random photos I transferred over super quick to share—expect more later!

Great Horned Owl at Hornsby Bend Bird Observatory, Austin TX
July 27, 2018

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Bird of the Week! this week: scissortail flycatcher

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I canNOT believe I haven’t heard of this project yet. Followers! why haven’t you told me about these this?? Go follow now!

Scissortail love ❤️

Bird of the week? Why not bird of forever???

Scissortails are the best and I love them they are perfect. They are ALL OVER the place right now. I don’t know how I lasted the winter without them.

July 13, 2018

City Nature Challenge 2018: Day 1 Highlights …

City Nature Challenge 2018: Day 1 Highlights

I have severe grass pollen allergies, and crawling through bushes sure stirs it up. Luckily I anticipated this so I’ve been wearing a dust mask (and nobody has said anything???)

Hit two state parks and a national wildlife preserve (plus a city park in Marble Falls). Uploads will happen later, for now check out photos of my camera’s LCD. Painted Bunting, Pipevine Swallowtail caterpillar about to pupate, and some Lesser Goldfinches.

April 27, 2017

I need to GO TO BED but in the mean time here …

I need to GO TO BED but in the mean time here is a wonderful Black-throated Sparrow and I love them. I played this video right after filming it to show it off and this birb GOT MAD at the INTRUDER who was SINGING in HIS TERRITORY 😭

April 7, 2018 in Del Rio, Texas

Scissortail Flycatchers are Perfect Birbs with…

Scissortail Flycatchers are Perfect Birbs with Long Scissor Tails and returned to Texas this month and I FINALLY GOT A GOOD PHOTO OF ONE look at this good birb 😭 They fan out their tails when they fly and you can see the “scissors,” but although I waited for this one to fly for so long my neck started to hurt, he wouldn’t fly until immediately after the exact second I turned off my camera. Oh well. Next time! 😃

March 21, 2018

A Great Crested Flycatcher visited today. So b…

A Great Crested Flycatcher visited today. So beautiful. They show off their red feathers when they fly 😭

They migrate into Texas in spring—my bird book says they usually show up in April but early migrants can pop up in mid-March. I’m so lucky! It’s been a while since a new bird has visited my yard!

March 18, 2018