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this morning my starbucks is all women, so when i ordered it was all “i love your glasses!” “that drink is soooo good” “have a great day babe!” which is amazing showstopping incredible BUT yesterday the same starbucks was staffed by all guys and my interaction went kind of like this:

first guy, unprompted: we’re trying to help john name his scorpion

his coworker, leaning around him: here’s a list of names you should vote or write your own

me: …..what


But… I need both of these interactions. Ideally combined.

One of my friends had a (live) scorpion in his pocket at a Taylor Swift concert. No reason, he just happened to have one on him. He didn’t show it to anyone or tell anyone about it. Missed opportunity, in my opinion.

September 4, 2019




my library purchased a new copy of this this year! I’m going to try and convince our collections department that actually, this was a Mistake and it should be weeded immediately but in the meantime, please, i need someone to share my pain (Submitted by exhausted librarian)


this submission is causing me real physical pain like its literally like getting punched in the gut multiple times. i’m assuming here that this was a conscious choice, because i cannot imagine getting a biology book for kids published with this kind of flagrant mistake.

like not to Go Off but first of all this was a science communicator who decided this was a good way to go about talking about mushrooms and fungi because apparently kids can’t understand that mushrooms are a different thing like plants and animals are different things, and then the publisher agreed that yes, this is good, we can totally heavily imply/outright state that mushrooms are plants by putting them on the front and back cover under the words “a book about plants without flowers” and then further imply/outright state that all plants that dont flower (apparently including mushrooms) fall under the ‘gymnosperm’ label, which by the way is another thing: if we’re assuming that the author did this to try to dumb it down for kids because referring to fungi as ‘not plants’ is too complicated, WHY are they using the ‘gymnosperm’ terminology on the back cover and WHY are they applying that term to all plants that don’t flower?? or are they using it as a specific example of plants that don’t flower, in which case it’s a poorly placed description??? like you gotta choose!!! are you gonna be specific or not!!! 

also not to be Like That but JUST saying this strikes me as an example of like… very poor attention being given to botany and mycology in primary education. if you came to a kid’s publisher with a book that was like, ‘things that don’t walk: animals without legs’ and it had bacteria illustrated all over the cover and the back cover was like ‘WHAT is the squamata reptile family and WHY don’t they have legs’ i DOUBT that would fly lmao 

Lying to kids about science is the absolute worst thing you can possibly do, ever.

This makes me SO MAD.

August 26, 2019

Stop! Treating! Kids! Like! They’re! Fucking! Idiots!

Yes, obviously phrase things in a way that they can understand, but stop dumbing shit down and making outright false statements just so those poor dumb widdle kids can understand uwu

Teach kids big words! Teach them the difference between one thing and another! Stop churning out garbage and treating it like gold!

When I was in 3rd grade, I checked out a literal field guide to mushrooms from my school’s library (like, a real field guide adults would use), and I read that thing cover to cover. It was so interesting! It was my favorite book I read in elementary school! I loved it!

Then I had to sit in science class and “learn” that mammals were mammals because they had fur/hair (whales have eyelashes if you look close!), and that atoms looked like a nucleus with electons orbiting around them like a mini solar system. Then in high school I learned that everything they said in elementary school was wrong, and I had to start all over! I was pissed off!!! Then I got to college, and learned everything from high school was wrong, too!

We owe kids better than that! Stop lying to them!!!!


August 26, 2019

You aren't a qualified or practicing scientist, tho. You're a full-time student, who can't support themselves through their "work", that hasn't even completed grad school at MASTERS lvl never mind at PhD lvl or postdoc. You're not even published. You just happen to have a blog, & style yourself as an "expert". I'm employed full-time as a scientist, published, and have completed multiple postgrad degrees. And I'm for animal rights, and I'm vegan. We exist; fuck you. You're not qualified.

Honey me and you both know the most education you’ve had is your high school biology class and the only degree I’d believe you have is a degree in clowning.

I also have a publication in review at the moment, and I’ll be publishing the current work I’m doing. Give me your contact details and I’ll be sure to email you a copy when it gets approved.

Saw a reddit thread with someone complaining that a fish they saw at a farmer's market had one of those tongue replacing parasites in its mouth. I found myself wishing for a moment that I had a reddit account just so I could comment "It's not a bug, it's a feature!"

Yeah it’s literally a crustacean so if you cooked them together you get a free shrimp. Or, more importantly, a free specimen. I would pay good money for a tongue louse in a jar :0


interest check

ive been thinking about making an inaturalist project thats set up like a scavenger hunt, that anyone can join

im thinking i make it a traditional project so people just add their observations that fit the scavenger hunt list. id make a list every month of various stuff to find that should be univeral enough – for example, maybe a mushroom, a purple flower, an animal track, etc, but NOT specific organisms bc they might not be found globally so it would be unfair (like, finding an american giant millipede would be rude to everyone not in the eastern half of north america)

depending on how it goes i might make themed lists but thats a discussion for a later time. also, expect the lists have a mix of difficulty levels because if its all easy or all hard its no fun

would anyone be interested in joining something like this? anyone have ideas and input?

This was something I wanted to do with the tumblr inat project but I’m too busy to coordinate. Would you be interested in being a co-moderator of the tumblr inat group and running the scavenger hunts through there?

August 20, 2019

Saw a reddit thread with someone complaining that a fish they saw at a farmer's market had one of those tongue replacing parasites in its mouth. I found myself wishing for a moment that I had a reddit account just so I could comment "It's not a bug, it's a feature!"

Yeah it’s literally a crustacean so if you cooked them together you get a free shrimp. Or, more importantly, a free specimen. I would pay good money for a tongue louse in a jar :0









Europe is currently being burned alive and people still think climate change is a joke. It’s warmer in North Europe than in the middle eastern deserts.

Nearly all northern countries broke their decades old heat records this week.

Its only in the low hundreds in farenheit??? In America we get that for like a month or two straight every year??? Y’all need to deal is it really normally so cold over there that yall can live with a little heat???

If you’re gonna have an ignorant American attitude then please only stay on American posts. No one in North Europe has an AC in their houses. Stores, animal shelters, elderly houses, no one has AC. the houses are designed to keep the heat in. The people are not accustomed to the heat. A sudden climate shift like this is extremely dangerous to older people and babies specifically.

There are programs being run to inform elderly people what to do to not die in this heat. There was a heatwave in the Netherlands in 2010 in which approximately 500 more elderly people passed away than normally.

Americans are so fucking annoying

Friendly reminder to everyone who goes “what’s the big deal?”–Last year we had a similar heat wave and it caused our rivers to recede so much that people found stones with messages like “if you find this stone, weep” engraved on them, which are also known as “hunger stones”, left behind dozens if not hundreds of years ago when similar droughts hit Europe. This weather is so NOT normal for us. So very much not. It usually happens maybe once a century, but now we get this EVERY year. This is not normal.

I mean, I am on a fucking island in the Atlantic, where everything is build for really humid weather with temperatures between 5-20 degrees Celsius. Last Monday, we had 27 degrees. 27 Celsius. In a place where NO-ONE has aircon. Where we just had devastating wildfires last year.

I come from a place that has hot summers and cold winters. I know how to deal with both, but even I can tell that this is NOT normal and it is NOT healthy.

…also most of america does not break 100F for a few months a year, what the fuck, and we did so less often even twenty years ago.

and even in most parts of America that do get a lot of heat, when it’s degrees over 100 people mostly become puddles and/or avoid going outdoors. that is a killing heat by the standards of any climate, it’s just that when you’re prepared for it you’re less likely to actually die.

please do not sit in Arizona and laugh at other people for not handling heat well.

Arizona was barely regarded as habitable until air conditioning became common.

‘Sup, Texas here. It does get super hot and humid here, for long stretches at a time. Months, even. Also? Every house, apartment, restaurant, shop, library, everything has air conditioning, to the extent that I have to wear a jacket indoors all summer. PLUS every room in every home has ceiling fans. When my AC broke at home, the temp in my house quickly skyrocketed to 96 degrees F in the middle of the night.

So yeah, asshole American up there, all high and mighty with “just deal with it”? How much time do you spend where you have absolutely no access to AC? And I mean, none whatsoever? Or are you hiding in your 72 degree hole all day because the pavement will melt your shoes?

I’m from Seattle. Nobody has AC there because it never used to get hot enough to need it. But there were days when it got into the 80’s, 90’s, and even 100’s. With no AC, no ceiling fans, nothing. If you can go to a coffee shop or a movie theater with AC, great. But when you have to go back home to sleep, it’s absolute misery. There is no escaping the heat. I had to sleep under wet blankets.

Europe is a bit different. The buildings are super old, the climate is very mild, and their infrastructure isn’t set up to handle hot weather. Do coffee shops have AC? Probably not, is my guess. Buildings up there are designed to stay warm, not keep cool. Is there any escape at all?

People’s metabolisms in Europe are not acclimated to handle hot weather like people in the southern US. This is important. If you aren’t properly acclimated for an extreme climate, and you find yourself in it? You can die. If that climate comes to you? You’re screwed. You can get heat exhaustion and heat stroke in just a matter of hours.

Europe, stay hydrated. Think cool thoughts. I’m so sorry. 🙁

July 29, 2019

To answer @nanonaturalist

Coffee shops don’t have AC, cinemas don’t have AC, libraries don’t have AC, nowhere has AC. I got bit by a mosquito for the first time in my life last year since it got warm enough for the human biting ones to get up here.

Not part of answer:

I remember my aunt telling me about the differences between how they handle the heat in the summer in Florida and France when she went to each respectively recently. Apparently in Florida there is AC built into every single nook and cranny a human might find themselves inside and when you wait in outside lines where there aren’t any walls to attach AC to they spray you with water mist, they fucking spray you with water mist. When she went to France, people had no more than we did in terms of AC, people just had to ‘deal with it’. Which is fucking dangerous! They regularly passed out in lifts (elevators) which could easily lead to a death of a perfectly healthy adult if not attended to immediately.

You can’t exactly put AC in the historical buildings without either damaging the building or ruining the beauty of the architecture that made it a desirable tourist destination in the first place, so don’t just say ‘deal with it’ when we can’t exactly solve this problem with AC like you guys. I literally had to walk from a place named after the roman bathhouses we have buildings that old and fragile. I live in a house built in the Victorian era ffs, just the addition of electrical wiring itself was a shitshow, I doubt many of your buildings were built before the 40’s making it really easy for you to make the infrastructural changes.

Our whole countries are reaching temperatures of the inside of a fucking car, and when you don’t crack the window or put the AC on, your kids fucking die in the car. You have AC in your car, we don’t (metaphorically, and I need to point out the metaphor because some asshole is going to point out that we probably do have AC in our cars)

Re: mosquitos, shit. My understanding is that y’all don’t have windowscreens, either? Which is completely incomprehensible in the mosquito-ridden US. They’re terrible. I get bit about 50 times (not exaggerating) every time I step outside in the summer. Even during the day, thanks to the invasive Aedes mosquitos that blanket the southeastern US. They sneak into the house and lay eggs in the guest toilet and fishtank.

There are some historic buildings in the US, but we couldn’t give two craps about preserving old buildings here. Also, with our climate, as soon as electricity and AC were invented, they were put in everwhere. Even the super historic house museums in Austin have AC (they have to or they’d be uninhabitable and the artifacts would be destroyed—they only date back to the mid-1800’s though).

There are standing and window AC units that don’t require massive construction projects, so the older apartments and houses here ususlly have window-unit air conditioners hanging out of them. They take up the entire window, they are loud and ugly af, but… I mean, it’s air conditioning. You just plug them for power.

And yes, the water misting is accurate. They do that in Texas, too. Makes it nice to dine outdoors in the summer when I forgot to bring my polar fleece to the restaurant 🙄

July 31, 2019


Thelepidopteragirl —> nonbinary-entomologist

I made this blog in 2014 way before figuring out the words to describe my gender. Finally updating my url to be accurate.

Welcome to your new url @nonbinary-entomologist!

July 29, 2019


AHHH I found my very first bot fly today!!!

Absolute Unit, Chonky Boy, Top Chungus…. 

I have always wanted to see one of these – let me tell you they are larger and more chunky than any photo could prepare you for. This fella was sitting pretty at an entire inch long. I believe it was newly eclosed, as it couldn’t fly well and one of its wings was not fully extended. Found it resting on a Queen Anne’s Lace stem and IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. It’s a crying shame I only had my phone on me to take pictures. 

For those who don’t know, bot flies are abundant and common parasites of many mammals, particularly mice and rabbits, where they burrow into the skin with backwards-hooked barbs, making them impossible to pull out. They cause giant swollen lesions on the skin as the larva keeps the wound open to breathe. They do not generally kill the host, in fact many hosts have multiple larvae despite the sheer enormity of the larva’s size compared to its host. Adults are rarely seen however, and all are gorgeous and often intricately patterned in black, white, and red! (There is a human bot fly, but not in these parts). 

I believe this to probably be a mouse bot fly, Cuterebra fontinella, but I’m awaiting confirmation on it.

I love this chunky boy

I don’t think I posted about my friend who purposefully got botflies when he went to Belize? And my first time meeting him in person was me doing a photo shoot of the larvae in his leg? And he made a birth announcement on facebook when they pupated complete with a photo of the pupa under a piece of fabric surrounded by stuffed animals?

I need to do that. Bot flies are the best.

July 23, 2019






to tiger swallowtails just never sit still or is that only my personal experience with them

like i see them all the time but theyre almost always doing like 15 mph  in every direction at once and never landing for more than a nano second 

Tbh the only time I’ve ever seen a swallowtail rest for longer for a few seconds was after mating and at the end of their lifespan 😅. They just never stop doin their own thing

Tiger swallowtail identification guide

Hot Tip: They Sleep at Night

Papilio: fat n’ lazy

Western Giant Swallowtail

Black Swallowtail

This one slept in until 9:30 am (still asleep in the photo!):

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

Also, if you have a bright day and a fast enough shutter speed, you can luck out if they find a nectar buffet:

Eastern/Western Giant Swallowtail

I know *technically* these aren’t all Tiger Swallowtails, but let’s get real, all swallowtails pull this crap and they deserved to be shamed for it. I mean, what is this?? I had this Black Swallowtail perfectly framed, then, she COMES DIRECTLY AT ME???

July 9, 2019

OH DANG! I really need to suit up and venture out of just my driveway at night. I know I’m missing lots of stuff. I need to find someone willing to do it with me though.

They stay there after sunrise. The Black Swallowtail that was in my yard at night was still sleeping in my yard at least an hour after dawn. Same thing with a Monarch I found sleeping in my yard that week, too. The Monarch was so groggy in the morning, she let me pick her up!!! Of course, the swallowtails, not so chill. But plenty of goodies stick around in the morning for viewing.

July 9, 2019