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Handmade insect earrings by RubySpotJewelry:


Aren’t you tired of waking up every morning, knowing that once again you have to go through another day without insect wings dangling off of your ears? Well guess what?!

One of my insect friends (you know, the one with the inside scoop on the horse graveyard [link]? And the botflies? Oh, I haven’t posted about the botflies have I? He got botflies on purpose. I took photos. That was how I met him) makes earrings from insect wings. He recently set up an etsy account, and has asked for tips on keyword optimization. Pffft. Nah. Let me put these on the tumblrs. I told him to take better pictures, but for now, this is what he has (and he has a LOT more than what he posted, he’s up to his neck in these earrings).

Top Left: Cockroach
Top Right: Dragonfly
Bottom Left: Dragonfly
Bottom Right: Grasshopper

Right now he is looking for feedback on making a better etsy shop and trying to get the word out that his shop exists at all. So, hello bugblr, my friend’s shop exists, look! Anything I should pass along to him to help him out?

March 14, 2019

@glassfullofsass, my friend, share with wild reckless abandon. As I said, he’s up to his neck (or as I should have said, up to his ears in these things). He only posted four.

Some other fun facts: 

He’s the dude who made this display at Texas Memorial Museum when he was the entomology curator:

My photograph does absolutely no justice to this thing, the display is at least 4 ft tall, the Luna moths and Cecropia moth are dwarfed by the Blue Morpho, most those insects are several inches long (not to mention wide).

And when we went to dig up the horse bones, we did some “redneck sweep-netting” first (for earring purposes), which involves one person hanging out of the car window with the sweep net (trying to not get caught in the prickly pears), while the other person drives probably faster than advisable around an overgrown dirt/gravel road. After a lap, stop the car, get out, check the nets for goodies, check the grasshoppers for their wings, wait, let @nanonaturalist take their pictures first 

Two-striped Mermiria [link]

Aztec Grasshopper [link]

Also, he had a live scorpion in his pocket at a Taylor Swift concert (he’s a big fan).

Fun times! 

March 15, 2019